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4 Side Soundtracks is a company of the 4 Side Music branch, of the 4 Side Group, dedicated exclusively to the composition and musical production of soundtracks for cinema, television, advertising, theater and everything related to Music Branding, both in Portugal and in Brazil.
We are a team specialized in composition, music production, sound design, audio processing, audio cleaning and finishing.

4 Side Music exists since 2013, based in Brazil, Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. In 2019 we created headquarters in Portugal.


Our team is made up of two experienced music producers and composers, Celso Rangel and Fernando Pinheiro.

Through the 4 Side Group, we have EPCAM Mídia, a voiceover, dubbing, live concerts and cultural production company in Brazil.

Our team is made up by  Sydney Wendemacher, Gisele Almeida and Tom Arruda.

Come Meet our  4 Side Music / 4 Side Soundtracks team.

Celso Rangel.png
Celso Rangel
CEO & Manager
Music Producer, Composer, Arranger & Sound Design
Tom Arruda
Production, Jornalism, Booker
& Custom Support
Fernando Pinheiro
Music Producer, Composer & Arranger 
Gisele Almeida
Marketing, Redes Sociais & Relações Públicas
Syndey Wendemacher
Radio Announcer, Narrator & Redactor
Rosária Silva
Agency & Licensing in Brasil
Liliana Gaito
Agency & Management in Portugal and Europe

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